TEL: 845 381 1026 | Office: 28 Robert Street, Middletown NY 10940
TEL: 845 381 1026
28 Robert Street, Middletown NY 10940

About S&S Safety

S&S Safety is your one-stop shop for fire safety equipment, services, hood suppression systems and safety supplies for your business.

S&S Safety takes pride in our response to your fire extinguisher and fire hood suppression system needs. We are available to answer your questions, offer a consultation at no cost to you, and offer you timely service with a professional attitude.

We stay current with codes

Our technicians are kept current with NFPA codes and regulations so that we can inform you if any of your equipment needs compliance upgrades. It matters to us that you are aware BEFORE the need arises.

Walk-in servicing

We offer walk-in services at our Robert Street location, whether you need a 5 pound extinguisher inspected or tagged, or have a 10 pound that needs a recharge. We have a swap-out program so you do not have to return for pick-up. We keep a full stock of 2 ½ through 20 pound extinguishers on hand whether you need a new unit or an immediate replacement.

Qualified technicians

If you need service in your home, apartment, place of business, or service vehicle, we are here to respond. Our technicians are experienced, trained and qualified to do the job.

Training is available upon request. We cover monthly visual inspections done by your assigned employees, use of extinguisher, how to check for leaks or discharge, and proper location and signage.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices in our market. Located in Middletown, we are committed to serving Orange and nearby counties.

See why many businesses rely on S&S. Contact us today for a quote or to buy or service your fire extinguishers.





28 Robert St. Middletown, NY 10940

Tel: 845 381 1026



What our customers say

“When we bought our restaurant, S&S Safety replaced our old fire suppression equipment with a new system. Their technician took the time to point out small details that would need modification, and the inspector was very impressed with the work. We are happy to be up and running and cooking up some mean meals for our customers. Definitely recommend S&S to other food establishments.”
Margie and Dan – Grogan’s Irish Pub, 4 Main St., Otisville

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