TEL: 845 381 1026 | Office: 28 Robert Street, Middletown NY 10940
TEL: 845 381 1026
28 Robert Street, Middletown NY 10940

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

Fire-Extinguisher-Sales and Service

S&S is licensed to sell and service all types of fire extinguishers in the Hudson Valley area to keep you ready for an emergency. Learn more

Hood Fire Suppression Systems


We install, inspect and maintain hood fire suppression systems for restaurants to keep you code compliant, pass inspection and stay safe. Learn more

Fire Safety Supplies


We carry a line of safety supplies for the construction, restaurant and commercial building industries, hand picked from our top vendors. Learn more

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Hire a licensed, experienced company

Portable Fire Extinguishers License #310W

NFPA 10 Portable Fire Extinguisher Certification

NFPA 17 Wet Chemical Extinguishing Certification

NFPA 96 Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

Everything you need to meet the Fire Code

√ Sales, service and training for fire extinguishers

√ Refills, inspections and hydrostatic testing

√ Installation and maintenance of hood fire suppression systems for restaurants and commercial kitchens

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